Check, Please!

Check, Please! I had an idea for a restaurant review show in 2001, pitched it to WTTW/11 and Check, Please! has been exploring Chicago's amazing culinary scene ever since. We've had an incredible run featuring every imaginable kind of restaurant for two decades. We've been to Senegalese, Serbian and Scandinavian spots. Peruvian, Pakistani and Puerto Rican places. Diners, delis and dim sum. We've interviewed moms & pops, siblings and superstar chefs. We've had more than 35,000 Chicagoans apply to be guests on the show; Cops, carpenters, economists, interior designers, magicians, grandmas and future presidents. I'd like to say our upcoming 20th milestone season will be our best one ever! However, WTTW/11 and I want to go in different directions and pursue other opportunities, so it's just not to be. (Stay tuned)!

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